tecnología i+d+i

At MySaaSPlace our products are based on our own R+D+i. We invest at least 10 % of our income every year in new products and services. We always use the latest technology, both development tools and equipment, to develop state-of-the-art products and services.



At MySaaSPlace we discovered the secret a long time ago: we develop a complete ERP system that works for all our clients, in other words, the version that our clients use is the same for all. This makes all the difference, and our clients find it highly valuable. It represents a very important advantage over other ERP products on the market in which, when a client requests a specific function, precise programming for that purpose is required, making his/her version of the ERP unique to that client.

Our powerful WorkFlow engine, which is the technological basis on which the entire range of MySaaSPlace software relies, enables us to use the same software version to provide each client (and even each user) with a personalized and tailored software system. This way, we can meet all our clients’ requirements with one single version of the software.

We know from experience that this feature drastically reduces the costs of updating versions, which has a positive effect on the maintenance costs of our clients who have our programs installed in their facilities (In Home).

At MySaaSPlace, this way of operating is what has made us stand out from other Software as a Service sites. With the MySaaSPlace Management Programs, you will have the same management tool as all our other clients (currently over 1,000), but you can personalize your system so that it looks nothing like other users’ programs.

This is the strong point of MySaaSPlace, the same system and infrastructure for all, but adapted to meet the needs of each client and each user in particular.