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MySaaSPlace was created to market the Management in the Cloud systems developed by Gabinete de Gestión, S.L. (Gabiges). Gabiges’ extensive career since it began in 1994 has given us valuable experience that few companies can boast of. We know what clients need and, more importantly, we know what our software users require in their everyday use.

Gabiges has developed a complete management tools pack for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as:

  • Integrated Project Management Software

  • Accounting Software

  • Invoicing Software

  • Production  Software

  • Warehouse Management Software

  • Commercial Management Software

  • Scorecard Software

  • Document Management Software

All the tools have been developed to run on Windows Operating Systems and comprise a complete ERP Program known as Evolution Technologies, covering all management requirements for small businesses up to companies with an annual turnover of $150 million. Gabiges’ solutions and programs are being used by over 12,000 users every day, and this figure is rising, which shows the quality of the business management programs it develops, deploys and maintains.

The development of the MySaaSPlace suite of solutions shows a clear commitment to Gabiges’ own R+D+i. In the last two years, Gabiges has assigned over EUR 1.5 million to research and development in the Software as a Service field, participating in innovation programs with CDTI (Spanish Technology Development Agency).

This use of technology aimed at developing new, high quality SaaS systems enables us to have a portfolio of solutions in the cloud that covers almost all the business management needs of freelancers, individual professionals and small businesses.

Company information:

  • MySaaSPlace S.L
  • Avenida de Zarautz 126
  • San Sebastián, (20018)
  • Gipuzkoa
  • CIF: B75077958
  • Company registered at the Company House of Gipuzkoa in volume 2580  of the entry book,sheet SS-34972  0 Inscrip: 1º,  page 140