empresa gabinete gestión

MySaaSPlace markets the best Gabiges Management Programs in the Cloud. Gabiges has been the first Spanish company to have an ERP system completely designed in a user-friendly, Windows-based environment.

The Company

The Company

From the very beginning, MySaaSPlace has strived to offer Gabiges’ ample experience in the development and deployment of ERP Software in the workplace, aiming towards a Cloud Computing or Software as a Service model. Our clients want the very best, and their work demands the highest standards and quality in their daily use of management tools. At MySaaSPlace we offer such standards from the very first service our clients acquire from us – our free service.


G G Gabinete de Gestión, S.L. (Gabiges) was created in 1994 when management programs in a Microsoft Windows graphical environment were not yet a reality. It quickly became the first Spanish company to have an ERP management system completely designed in a user-friendly, Microsoft Windows-based environment. After 15 years deploying the Gabiges Evolution Technologies solution for hundreds of clients, the company decided to develop a new web interface, in the same technological platform, on which the MySaaSPlace solutions would be based, and so it set up a stable, tested platform based on the satisfactory experience of thousands of users.


At MySaaSPlace we are fully aware that a company’s software must be running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is why MySaaSPlace keeps its systems in the most up-to-date Windows Azure Internet Data Centers. This infrastructure enables us to replicate systems by geographical area, so that we can offer our clients maximum speed, data availability and security guarantees.

  • Guarantees: At MySaaSPlace we guarantee quality in all our services. We offer our clients the opportunity to try our programs completely free of charge. In this way, when you decide on a service, you will know which one best meets your needs. In addition, we offer a money-back guarantee (for the service fees), within the first thirty (30) calendar days from the hire date, if you are not satisfied with the service received and you want to unsubscribe.
  • Customer Service: At MySaaSPlace we are aware of the attention our customers and software users require. That is why we have a complete online assistance system and a customer support service by e-mail or telephone to deal with all your questions.
  • Technology: At MySaaSPlace we only deal with the very best and most up-to-date technology, as the service we offer requires a high degree of availability and security. Hardware, software, network switching and high capacity lines make up a complex system that serves thousands of users every day.
  • Training: At MySaaSPlace we care about your company’s training needs. For this purpose we have the very best teaching Manuals, Tutorials, FAQs and Videos available. All these resources ensure that your staff can be trained in the use of MySaaSPlace tools in just a few hours. For any possible questions that arise during everyday use, our Customer Services department is available to help you, by e-mail or by telephone.