Integrated Project Management The Integrated Project Management (IPM) solution of MySaaSPlace is a powerful and easy to use online tool that we sell as Software as a Service (SaaS) for a low monthly or annual fee.

Integrated Project Management (IPM)

Integrated Project Management

You won’t need to buy programs or to do more difficult installations on your PC or Server. You won´t need to pay maintenance services to have new updates or to solve by phone the doubts or questions you may have using the software. In MySaaSPlace you will be hace a complete and integrated Project Management software by paying a monthly fee. Without installing software or maintaining servers. All done through Internet, from PCs, MACs or smartphones .

The Integrated Project Management (IPM) of MySaaSPlace is designed to help you obtain the maximum performance of your work in:

  • Engineering departments or engineers integrated into larger companies.
  • Architects offices or individual architects.
  • Law Firms or lawyers on their own.
  • Property or Neighborhood Communities Administrators.
  • Construction Companies.
  • Services and Maintenance Companies of any kind.
  • Software Development Companies.

IPM is the perfect tool for all those professionals whose daily work is the creation, management and execution of all kinds of projects. Our Integrated Project Management solution offers you an easy to use and full functionallity Web environment to let you:

  • Easily create projects.
  • Plan the Basic project.
  • Manage the Real project.
  • Add Tasks, Resources, Teams, Expenses, etc.
  • Assign Timesheet and Expenses Annotations (TEA) to your project team members.
  • Display deviations in real-time (costs and period).
  • Analytical and Gannt diagrams.
  • Control project costs.
  • Extract any report you may need.
  • Connect with our Accounting or Invoicing tools so that, when you have finished a project or you want to invoice part of one, you can easily do it .
  • Manage the users knowing, at all times, the planned and real resources that are consumed for each project.
  • Use it from your PC or MAC. The only thing you need is an Internet connection because you don´t need to install any program. And if you want to access from your Smartphone you can also do it.

If you need to manage only one or several projects by yourself or in a complete engineering or architecture department of company, the Integrated Project Management (IPM) solution of MySaaSPlace adapts 100% to your needs and your business.

MySaaSPlace gives you this solution for a low monthly or annual fee, so you only pay for the resources and users you need.  SING UP FOR FREE and start using IPM now!!