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Accounting First steps to use the Accounting tool of MySaaSPlace. Learn the operation of this useful and simple tool.

First Steps Accounting


With just four simple steps you can setup up for free and forever your Accounting program ( some limitations apply) from MySaaSPlace.

Try it and you will doing the accounting of your company from any place in a really short time.

Only if you want more services or additional users, you will have the option to contract some of our services.

first step SIGN UP FOR FREE in MySaaSPlace  and use for free our Accounting program forever (some limitations apply). You will have to fill the data of your company, and your Accounting program will be ready to use it.
second step Display the General Accounting Plan. Check out the General Accounting Plan we have loaded by default. Add or modify those accounts you need for your business.
third step Begin with journal entries. In the Free Plan insert journal entries from Invoicing or IPM,  it is very easy. From our Invoicing program purchases and sales are accounted automatically.
fourth step Analyze the accounting information. Once the journal entry begins, you will start to view the results in the pre-defined reports; Profit and Losses (P&L), Balance sheet, Journal, Trial balances, etc. You can also define your own reports.

The Accounting program of MySaaSPlace is a powerful online tool well sell as a subscription because it is developed and executed in Cloud Computing.

With MySaaSPlace your Accounting program will be accessible through your Internet browser, therefore you wont need to buy expensive programs or complex installations in your PC or Server.

With MySaaSPlace you will contract a complete Accounting program paying a low monthly (or annually) fee, and use it through the Internet, with your PC or other device, whenever you are connected to the Web.

Furthermore with the Accounting software of MySaaSPlace, you wont need to worry about backup copies, updates or storage, because we take care of all those task for you and you can focus on your business. Check out or pricing plans to see which one is more convenient for you.

All MySaaSPlace solutions are compatible with the majority of ERP systems and CRM applications, such as SUGAR CRM or SALESFORCE,  of the market.

Sign up for free and try out MySaaSPlace Accounting software for as long as you want.