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29.07.2011 – New version of Software in MySaaSPlace Version Q3-2011

In MySaaSPlace we have implemented a new version of Software completely free for all our clients. From Friday (29-7-2011) to Saturday (30-07-2011) morning there has been realized successfully the implementation of the new version (version Q3-2011) that it replaces the previous one (Q2-2011 version).

Inside the policies of updates of MySaaSPlace software we try to offer all our clients the best management software in every moment, without it means more cost in their service because they will have it available from the moment of the update to the moment to access to their applications in MySaaSPlace.

In the new version has been implemented improves in the operating and also arrangements of the source code that it means the repair and treatment of bugs, which sometimes they can be perceptible for the user.

Last review: On July 29, 2011 (Q3-2011) Previous Review: On May 13, 2011 (Q2-2011)

The implemented progress are the following ones:

  • Prestige of the application for the browser (Firefox 3.6 or next, it loads the application whenever you access)
  • Detection of mobile browser trying to access to the application. A message and a link will appear to download the compatible application for Windows Phone.
  • Contracts.
  • New field in Orders: Period.
  • New fields in Prices: Commission, Commission agent and Period.
  • Structure of Items.
  • Items features the fields that belong to percentage values now appear with a new control with percentage format.
  • Show the version number in the start tab.
  • Improves on the navigation in the project manager.
  • Creating a company, the schedule will be created by default with the days: M-F 09:00 – 13:00, 15:00 to 19:00.
  • Possibility of opening projects in only read way if they have been blocked by another user.
  • Possibility of unblocking a project if the current user is the chief of the group or if it is the last user that blocks it.
  • In the list to open projects, there have been included the filters of “Number of project” and “Version”. If the project is blocked the user name that has blocked it will appear.
  • New message trying to modify an invoice line with a not allowed value by the line of the order at which is associated. Now the message shows the number of the order, the number of the line and the possible maximum value.
  • New widget: The first steps. It shows a short explanation of how to realize the common tasks. The new users will have enabled this widget by default.
  • Gantt diagram new version.
  • Registering an item, expense, or group of resource, the unit of purchase that has been created by default will be same as sale unit.

Solutions and Corrections:

  • The application is not loaded if the user uses FireFox.
  • There has been improved the performance of “My Task schedule” and of the “My Tasks” widget.
  • Flimsiness browsing among registers using the buttons of “the first”, “previous”, “following” and “last” at the main maintenance.
  • After modifying an invoice line, we were trying to modify the top; there was appearing a bug showing that another user had modified the original register.
  • In the lines of the order there were not established the VAT of the customer on top.
  • Show bug message if the user modifies the original URL, accessing the different modules of the web application.
  • In the lists, if we were in the last column trying to sing up or modify and we clicking on the Save button, the entity was saved but the state of the tool bar was at the same situation.
  • Company tax code validation repeated in the maintenance of Company.
  • In the top / line maintenance, the tool bar was available while the lines were loaded may caused flimsiness.
  • Bug on double clicking “Now not, thank you” in the “Initial configuration”.
  • Bug in the ratification of the Company tax code, when the value is null.
  • After viewing a report, the whole application performance was dropped but only for the current user.
  • Company code was editable in the Company Maintenance and Mysaasplace invoicing.
  • The order of the tasks inside a project they were not saved correctly.
  • Bugs in the Project Manager closing with opened projects.
  • The days of the week that had been introduced was not showed correctly in the registered schedule
  • Link the same project more than once on a project. In some cases, the multiline text boxes did not allow more than one line.
  • Closing the maintenance of the project Manager, if there were opened projects with pending modifications to save, the application did not show any message about it.
  • Finding certain messages about process bugs that they have been executed in the server.
  • In some circumstances, editing a register, if the value of the text box or dates selector was deleted, saving the register, it kept the previous values.
  • Deleting a register in some maintenance, if this register was linked to another an error could happen. Now a message appears explaining the situation.
  • Bug message appears when we select the client or methods of payment in the Offers maintenance.
  • There has been improved the start time of the application.
  • Bug message at creating a company, using the back button of the browser and trying to create another one.
  • Some maintenance with numbers of accounting plan did not replace automatically the points for zeros. For example: “4100.56” for “4100000056”.
  • Paid invoice appears as accounted.
  • Messages location.

During August, We will update the online help to reflect these changes. If you find some bug or some improve that you want to suggest us, please, let us know at

18.07.2011 – Quick start in the MySaaSPlace new version

A new functionality has been implemented at start session of MySaaSPlace software that will allows you to understand much better how to start using all the software that MySaaSPlace offers you.

In that way, when you log on the MySaaSPlace application, the first thing that appears is a Widget (window) with all the explained instructions easily to start using quickly the accounting software, invoicing and project management. Our new Widgets tool (configurable windows) appears at the home page allowing you to configure your homepage to your needs.

The only thing that you have to do is move with the mouse the windows in which you are interested. For example, widely used configuration by users is start using the application and see the daily tasks so the only thing that they have to do is to display the tab and they will be able to know all the task that they have pending.

It is also possible to configure the schedule with the holiday’s days. Little by little we will be able to install new functionalities to the widgets as invoicing charts, accounting data, etc. The new Widget tool of MySaaSPlace is extremely useful and powerful, and it will allow you to extract the full capacity of the management application.

29.05.2011 – New version of MySaaSPlace Software

In MySaaSPlace we have implemented a new version of Software completely free for all our clients. From Friday (29-7-2011) to Saturday (30-07-2011) morning there has been realized successfully the implementation of the new version (version Q3-2011) that it replaces the previous one (Q2-2011 version).

Within the update policies of MySaaSPlace software we try to offer to all our clients the best management software in every moment, without supposing more cost in the service. On the new version have been implemented operating improvements and also improves on the source code that it means the repair and debugs of the bugs, which can be perceptible for the user in some cases.

The implemented progress is the following one:

  • The reports generator makes loads quickly.
  • To add searches as “Contain” type to the mains maintenances and comboboxes. For example, writing “*car*”, (without the quotation marks), the application will search for registers that contain the “car” text on the right column.
  • New friendly interface, detecting that the user does not have installed the plugin of Microsoft Silverlight, it is necessary to execute the application.
  • Including a dot in the comboboxes referring to accounting plan numbers, it will be converted automatically to zeros completing 10 numbers. For example “462.20″ will be converted into “4620000020“.
  • Pagination applied to the accounting lists of sale invoices, Entries inbox journal and Projects.


  • In lists, when the column receives the spotlight with a combobox, the validation is executed and it makes that it appears in red.
  • Opening the financial year screen, it is not found.
  • Trying to account an invoice, (from the Invoices maintenance), the Accept and Cancel buttons are disabled.
  • Sometimes, the bugs are informed correctly by a dialog box, but they are informed too by the automatic system of reports.
  • At some main maintenance, if we delete a register after its creation, it will continue appearing on the screen.
  • Invoices maintenance, search way, Choosing a payment condition, it makes a bug.
  • The resources cannot be created
  • The reports generator is not found.
  • The users’ invitation link cannot open when the enterprise description has special characters.
  • The projects that have been saved without task cannot open.
  • Entries inbox journal: the registers with a lot of notes take a long time in appear and being copied to the Inbox.
  • Vertical scroll bar appears using IE9 browser.
  • Some buttons using IE9 browser appear cut in the web application.


20.05.2011 – Microsoft presents in MSN the tasks management application of MySaaSPlace

Microsoft has described the new task management application on the cloud as a general interest application. You may find it as “Task on the Cloud”, It is an application that works in Windows Phone with which you have the possibility to manage the task which are managed in the project management of MySaaSPlace what is accessible from This application has been selected by Microsoft for its publication in its Web top

This new application is perfect for the self-employers, SME and engineering departments of the companies that their activity is based on projects. They will be able to use a powerful tool on the cloud and have all the information available about the project in real-time.

In addition, the project management tool that MySaaSPlace offers on the cloud, the resources that execute the tasks in the project but they are out of the office without computer, they have the possibility to access to their task from Windows Phone, so they will be able to view their task that they have programmed daily, the next task to do and all the information that they need.

Now from Windows Phone you have available the information that you need to make your task from anywhere, to clock in or clock out the hours or to visualize your deviations from the initial task.

If apart from the project management software, you can use the invoicing and accounting software of Mysaasplace. In addition, the project management, invoicing and accounting program are available from any Personal Computer or MAC connected to Internet. We have a complete software for self-employers, SME or engineering department of any company that they will be able to have the whole potential of the cloud computing.

20.04.2011 – MySaaSPlace in has echoed the applications and advantages of the service of MySaaSPlace, the blog specializing about SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and in general to the Cloud Computing world, it has echoed the launch of the Mysaasplace service. In its article there are detailed the features of the service with a very professional view as its publisher Mr. Jose Carlos Moreno view.

In this blog ( there are explained all those questions relative to the world SaaS and Cloud Computing, it is really didactic blog and with a high quality of information about Saas. If you need information about this new model of marketing, which undoubtedly is an unstoppable tendency, is an obligated place to visit.

10.04.2011 – MySaaSPlace in Windows Phone

We already have the application in MarketPlace of Windows Phone . It calls “Tasks On the Cloud”.

This App of Windows Phone is the client to do the monitoring of the tasks in your mobile phone.

  • You can Add new sessions to your tasks.
  • Monitoring of the realized works. New in the 1.4 Version.
  • It allows view the tasks per day, pending, or all tasks.
  • It allows view the statistics of the Team of the project.
  • It allows download the information associates to the task

Download it FREE!!

16.12.09 – In MySaaSPlace we duplicate the new visitors every week

In the Web site of MySaaSPlace we are having an enviable visits progression, duplicating the new visitors every week, it is a clear example that Software as a Service is aweking interest among our customers according to what the Marketing Manager of MySaaSPlace tells us.

The Software as a Service is implanted incredibly in our society. Websites as are a example of it, where all its content devotes to this matter. Nevertheless we must not confuse Software as Service (SaaS) and apply it to any modality that they want to offer us.

7.09.09 – MySaaSPlace launches its new Web of Software as a Service

MySaaSPlace launches its new Web where it will be possible to know the variety of Saas services – Software as a Service.

This new Web of easy use allows to access to the features, information and help services in a simple and intuitive way. Now, from MySaaSPlace it will be able to be sign up completely free to know and to use the MySaaSPlace services.

With the free services a self-employer or company will be able to manage its invoicing, projects and the whole accounting without costs, but if they need more power in their program they will be able to contract them for a low monthly instalment, that will allows you to have wide range of choices.