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Management in the Cloud Cloud Computing or Management in the Cloud, is a system that allows you to execute applications and store data through Internet. Solutions like MySaaSPlace improve the profitability of the companies increasing productivity and reducing IT investments and recurring costs.

Management in the Cloud

Cloud Computing

The first email was sent 40 years ago and there began the path of one of the more common forms of remote application execution and storage, what today we know as Cloud Computing.

This method of data management and storage, reducing the needs of memory and facilitating the application maintenance is the base of Cloud Computing . Today is common to use software completely executed in the cloud, like the MySaaSPlace suit of management solutions, improving the accessibility, the performance and doing unnecessary investments (hardware, new servers, etc.) to reduce IT costs and improve business management.

There are many reasons to choose management in the cloud, as the IT solution for a any size of business:

  • Continuous updates. To use a classic management software means that in every PC or server you work with, you have to update the software regularly , and it takes time and a lot of times problems. With Management in the Cloud all the applications and data of your company is continuously updated so you can work with the last features and data from any computer or device with access to Internet.
  • Economy. It is not necessary to pay and maintain servers or buy a new and more powerful PC. You don´t need to install or maintain the software computer by computer. All these is a lot of time and money you save with solutions like MySaaSPlace.
  • Mobility. As all the information and the applications are in the Cloud, the people you decide will be able to access the data that the company from any place and any device.

Therefore Management in the Cloud is the future for your business.

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