Integrated Project Managment First steps to use the Integrated Project Management solution of MySaaSPlace.
Learn, in an easy way, the basic operation of this useful and simple tool.

First Steps IPM

First Steps

The Integrated Project Management (IPM) solution of MySaaSPlace has been designed to manage all the types of projects. It is perfectly useful to facilitate the work of Architects, Engineers, Lawyers and all types of Professionals working as freelancers or in companies that have an ERP.

The Integrated Project Management tool is very easy to use. Once you have SIGN UP FOR FREE and configured all the basic data of the your company like : calendars, staff, teams, resources, etc., IPM will let you obtain the maximum performance of a project in less than one minute just following these 5 simple steps:

icon step 1 Create a project Just click in “New Project” and the system will create it automatically and you can fill the data of your project.
icon step 2 Add tasks to the project. Click in the “Task” button to create a new task in your project. You can add as many Tasks as you need and all of them will be generated immediately. Each Task will have its Gantt Diagram that you can see all the time.
icon step 3 Customize the tasks. Select every Task and write the name and start/end date for Task. You will be able to link them to your resources and, when the user access to the application, he or she will be able to view his/her Timesheet and Expenses Annotations (TEA) to do.
icon step 4 Resources. If you have expenses, resources as machines, vehicles or another that you want to control along the whole life of the project you will be able to insert them according to you needs.
icon step 5 Reports Extract all the information of your project in real-time. Once the project is configured, the system will be adding up times, expenses and resources used in the project and you can , anytime, visulize the status using reports.

With this simple configuration, you will have created a project and all users you invite will be able to access it. Integrated Project Management provides you all the information about the project status, the invested time, the deviations and other relevant information to have your project perfectly managed.

In addition, if you want to invoice part  or all the project, you can do it automatically through the Invoicing program, because it is connected to IPM. At the same time you will be able to account the invoices of your clients and suppliers without duplicating the input using the Accounting tool of MySaaSPlace.

It is very easy. Try to configure a project with our Integrated Project Management tool and from this moment you will not be able to manage any task without IPM.

Sign up for FREE and try it!.