política de uso
Use Policy You will not:
  • Publish or share of any violent content.
  • Alter or take control, by fraudulent means, of systems of someone else.
  • Violate the legal rights and copyright of others.

Use Policy

Use Policy

The client is responsible for the fulfillment of the laws and regulations in force and it is responsible for the applicable rules to the products and applications uses. Nevertheless, there is forbidden the use of the Mysaasplace services conflicting to the good faith or as non-comprehensive way:

  • The use that would be opposite to the Spanish and European laws or that it breaks the rights of someone else.
  • The publication or transmission of any content that could be violent, obscene, outrageous, illegal, racial, xenophobic or slanderous.
  • Alter or take control, by fraudulent means, of systems of someone else without their previous authorization.
  • The cracks, serial numbers of the program or any other content that it damages the copyrights of someone else, making use of these techniques from or towards the systems and services of MySaaSPlace.
  • Collect and/or use the personal data of other users without their previous authorization or violating the stipulated in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the protection of Personal data.
  • The use of the systems with the spam purpose, mail bombing, phishing, escrow fraud, scam 419, pharming, virus broadcasting (Trojans, worms, etc.), or any other activity realized with saboteur, fraudulent or criminal intention.

The client is forced to support operative, in service and updated the address, all its data and the company data that it could represent and the e-mail to contact MySaaSPlace, This last thing is very important because MySaaSPlace sends the information and all necessaries reports by e-mail.

The client is the only responsible for the use and preservation of the username and password provided by MySaaSPlace or by itself for the use of the tools that are put at it disposal for the management of the contracted services. These identifications are necessary to allow Mysaasplace the confirmation of the authentication and provide the access to the tools. The use and communication of the identifications is the user responsibility.

The client is responsible of the content that it introduces in MySaaSPlace, transferred and stored data, hypertext linkage, recognition of the others and legal actions that could be unleash on the copyright and protection of personal data.

It is forbidden to access and modify, display the configuration, structure, programming and files of Mysaasplace servers. Any problem that could be rise up as a result of negligence action from the client, it will be liable for the civil and criminal liability that might correspond.

The client will observe the technical standards stipulated by MySaaSPlace.com with the administration and developments of the contracted products to the servers do not operate slowly and not damage the users rights and products.

The users who contracted the service through the www.MySaaSPlace.com web site, they admit to be adults. The minors that contract the service, they need to have a previous authorization from their parents, tutors or legal representatives. They will be responsible of the contract made previously by the minor but the minors.