Partners MySaaSPlace offers you the opportunity to distribute our SaaS solutions. If you sell and support IT Services to organizations, we want to make business with you.



If you do consultancy of computer services, integrate management software or you give services to companies, whatever they are; now you have the opportunity to distribute the solutions of MySaaSPlace.

You will see your customer base and revenue grow because we offer you substancial commissions for the business you bring to MySaaSPlace.

There are two ways to distribute MySaaSPlace services. Choose the best for you and start working with us.

MySaaSPlace Distributor Private Brand
If you do IT Consultancy or you sell an IT service that  fits with those of MySaaSPlace, do not think twice, this is the distribution solution that best suits your profile.
If you want to start selling SaaS, but you do not have the programs, now you can distribute our solutions with your name and brand.