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You won’t need to buy programs or to do more difficult installations on your PC or Server. You won´t need to pay maintenance services to have new updates or to solve by phone the doubts or questions you may have using the software. In MySaaSPlace you will be have a complete and integrated Invoicing software by paying a monthly fee. Without installing software or maintaining servers. All done through Internet, from PCs, MACs or smartphones.

The Invoicing program from MySaaSPlace has all the functionality you need to automate your billing and invoicing tasks plus managing and controlling your customers, vendors, orders and much more. The Invoicing program of MySaaSPlace includes the following modules:

  • Invoicing Module.
  • Sales Management Module.
  • Engineering Product Module, Items.
  • Purchasing Module.
  • Supplier Management Module.
  • Order Management Module.
  • Integration with the Accounting and Integrated Project Management programs.

This set of modules configures a complete solution for al the Billing and Invoicing needs of small, medium and big companies.

MySaaSPlace lets you define a different profile for each user so he or she will only be able to access those parts of the programs than the administrator of your company considers.This way, one user can introduce clients but does not have access to any part of the program while others can make purchases, manage suppliers or view reports.

The MySaaSPlace Invoicing program is compatible with other ERPs. You can export the invoicing data of your company to a *.csv file using the export interface or you can use the complete MySaaSPlace solutions to easily create a complete management system for all the company.

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