Distributors You will have revenues from selling MySaaSPlace solutions and for the integration and consultancy services included in your offer.



Our Distributor´s Program is designed for:

  • IT Consultancy Companies looking for opportunities to sell services and SaaS solutions to their customer base and reach a broader market..
  • Companies selling or distributig services to organizations that can recommend or bundle MySaaSPlace solutions with their services.

With the MySaaSPlace distribution programs, everybody wins:

  • You will be able to make revenue from:
    • Sales commissions for each customer you bring to MySaaSPlace.
    • Selling and delivering integration and consultancy services with your offer of MySaaSPlace tools.
  • Your customer will have access to a set of powerfull and cost-efficient SaaS tools.
  • MySaaSPlace will reference to you customers looking for tools or services in our Portal.

The process to become a PARTNER in MySaaSPlace is very easy. Just fill the form below and we will contact you to establish the distribution model and commisions for your profile.

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